A practical, workshop-based self-discovery program. This programme can be the core of other business psychology trainings. When employees know what makes other people tick and develop, for instance, their Emotional Intelligence, they’re able to build stronger, deeper relationships both internally and externally. They’re also better able to understand themselves, which leads to better emotional regulation and impulse control. This can help minimize disagreement, conflict and difficult situations.

(He who knows others is wise; he who know himself is Enlighted)

Lao Tzu


Our mental health awareness training are designed to start conversations about mental health and support employees who are experiencing mental ill health. Participants will learn the difference between mental well-being and mental illness, factors that put people at risk, and the roles of early intervention and promotion of mental well-being at work. It’s clear that it’s more important than ever to ensure that employees have the tools and support they need to manage mental health in the workplace.


Build your resilience for optimal performance at work. This training will help you raise your awareness of stress, pressure and challenge, and recognize your own resilience strategies. Plus, you’ll gain the skills to actively integrate new techniques to develop resilience and stay motivated in the workplace despite of the chronic negative stress and the constantly increasing demands..


This training will help participants build their future leadership role by providing them with assertive communication skills, negotiation techniques, tips on making an impact, and guidance on networking and starting conversations. 


This Work-Life Balance Training provides you with the know how to managing your time better and to be more efficient at work leading to better results. It also assists you to focus on prioritizing tasks, setting accurate and achievable goals, and communicating better with peers at work and family members at home.


This training workshop enables participants to deal with workplace problems that may lead to a depressed mood or depression. This can be achieved by learning three key skills: Effective Problem Solving, Thinking Realistically and Reactivating Your Life. These are the skills that help prevent depression, manage and reduce depressed mood resulting in both, a higher work satisfaction and performance. 


Disagreement in the workplace is inevitable; therefore, this training is designed so it can help employees, employers, business owners and managers. It’s all about sitting down and talking rather than standing up and confronting people. In this training, you will learn appropriate dispute resolution methods that use discussion or negotiation and consultations or facilitation to improve workplace relations.