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Dr. Nisreen Al- Otaibi

Ph.D. Counseling psychology/ Family counselor

Dr. Nasri Jacir

Internist Psychiatrist, M.D, Consultant

Natasha Abaza


Anna Savchenko


Educational Department:

Dina Al-Hussein

Head of Learning Difficulties Department

Ahlam zawideh

Speech and Language Pathologist

Razan Al Tarawneh 

Occupational Therapist

Raghda Al Zaben 

English Teacher

Amal Omar

Arabic Teacher

Raya Hasan

Behavioral Therapist

Professional Development and Training Department:


Administive Department:

Nisreen A. Al-Otaibi/Ph.D

Executive Director

Rana Abu Khaled

Project Officer

Farah Al Fayez

International Project Coordinator

Maza Tyseer Shafaquj

Administrative Coordinator

Irshad Directions:

* 8th Circle, behind Zain Company, Mohammed Saleh Al-Ajlouni St., building No. 21
* 7th circle _ Alshoroq complex- building 26 _ 3rd floor

Give us a call:

Tel: 962-6- 5868686

Mob: 962-7-96000171

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