Irshad Center is a registered private institution with 10 years of professional experience in providing professional academic, personal, social and organizational consultancy. Irshad professional team provides services to individuals, organizations and educational committee.

Who Are We?

Education Department 

The Program of Education brings together a range of standardized instruments of assessment, learning services, and personal growth services.

The educational department includes the following categories:

       Learning Support Section

        Occupational Therapy Section

       Speech and Language Therapy Section

        Psych Educational Assessment Section

Counseling and Psychological Department

Irshad’s counselor’s goal is to orient the individual toward opportunities that can best guarantee fulfillment of his personal needs and aspirations. Irshad’s team are available to help the person to improve awareness and identity, to develop talents and potential, to enhance quality of life and to contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

     Our professional counselor offers the following:

        Individual Counseling
       Marital and Couple Counseling
        Family Counseling
       Group Counseling
       Grief Recovery Counseling
        Divorce Counseling
       Career Counseling


Professional Training Department

Irshad works to develop and serve fledgling centers and institutions in the local and other Arab communities in the region by dispatching experts, consultants and trainers upon their request to provide quality technical studies aimed to develop the skills of their employees.

Training department includes the following categories:

Educational field

  Psychosocial field

Health field

Soft skills field


With over 10 years of experience and certification behind us, just ask some of our partners and clients  

Irshad's Programs

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It all started when…

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