Anna Hunna Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Training program: 

1. Provided a general overview of the Ana Hunna's mentoring program. 
2. Discussed the mentors' expectations. 
3. Discussed the appropriate relationship and responsibilities of both mentor and mentee. 
4. Identified Ana Hunna's mentoring themes. 
5. Taught how to develop a mentor plan. 
6. Evaluated the achieved success. 

Trained 20 Ana Hunna's mentors.

Guidance and Counseling Skills Program

Irshad Center provided a specialized program for “Anna Hunna,” an initiative that was created alongside a regional program for the economic empowerment of women in the MENA region, and is supported by the German agency (EconoWin)

The program was specific to qualifying the mentors, (who are leading women in several educational, economic and social fields,) and develop their counseling and guidance skills, in order for them to deliver the knowledge and skills to the other beneficiaries of this initiative (college students,) and that is through the building of a relationship between them that aims at helping them attain the goals set out by this initiative. 

The Family Support Line

Irshad Center assisted The Jordan River Foundation in the establishment of The Family support Line in Jordan. The family Support Line is a confidential, non-judgmental and supportive helpline with the purpose of promoting healthy development of children. This is done through supporting parents and caregivers in understanding and responding effectively to the different needs of their children, and through offering easy access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who in turn provide effective consultation and referral services in a single phone call. This service intends to facilitate better understanding of children’s needs, tackle issues of concern, and provide response to children’s pleas for help. A program of one month and half was customized for the family support line to help the staff to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to deal with children’s calls.

Comprehensive Sensory Integration Program

Irshad Center, along with the University of Science and Technology and the University of Southern California, conducted a comprehensive sensory integration program in which the theory of sensory awareness, evaluation and intervention were discussed. The program was administered in Jordan and attended by several professional belonging to different centers in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Abu Dhabi, Syria and Dubai.



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