Pending Projects worth noting: 


Trauma Relief and Women Empowerment Project for Syrian Victims of War

Main Aim:

Relieve the women from their trauma induced stress and allow them to take up a main role in the restoration of hope and to become key change agents in their society.


Empowering the Syrian Refugees & other Vulnerable Populations to become Supportive Teachers ,Physiotherapistand Nurse assistants inthe Education & Health Sectors:

Main Aim:

To Support the Educational & Health Services for Syrian Refugees & other Vulnerable Populations by qualifying Supportive Teachers ,Physiotherapistand Nurse assistantswith a specific training diploma to decrease the shortage of teachers and Physiotherapist in the Syrian Refugees & other Vulnerable Populations communities.

Youth Anti Violence Ambassadors Project

Main Aim:

a)    Educate students on the consequences of violence and rioting and incitement within Schools .

b)   Hold seminars and workshops aimed at establishing security and stability within the schools.

c)    Activating the role of community policing within the Jordanian public secondary schools.

d)   Educate young people about the need to respect others' opinions.

e)     Activate regulations and instructions for Violence prevention in schools .

Afghan Rural Youth Development Program

Main Aim:

To create greater resilience among youth to counter the impact of illicit poppy cultivation and recruitment for violent extremism by building a network of Afghani rural youth leaders who are:

1) Empowered and committed

2) Capable of growing sustainable agricultural products and agricultural businesses

3) Connected to educational and career trajectorie

University Violence Prevention Project (YVPP)(Peace Ambassador) 

Main Aim:

To reduce the frequency and the severity of their tendency for violent acts and criminal activity among students at Jordanian universities. The project focuses on the enhancement of personal strengths, conflict resolution and the development of relationships within the communities of Jordanian universities. 

Empowering Refugee Women Project (ERWP)/Inside & Outside Camps

Main Aim:

To give refugee woman a chance to reduce stress related symptoms that appeared as a result of displacement and eventually improve herself and improve her quality of life by learning techniques of stress release, as well as equipping them with the industrial skills necessary for producing and selling their own cleaning products. 



Leaders Transferable Skills Training project (LTSTP)

Main Aim:

To offer comprehensive services to assist students and Alumni in developing, implementing and evaluating career and life plans to promote personal and professional development by utilizing a holistic approach to achieve their career goals, provide them with a foundation to become self-directed learners, and educate them through the career planning process.