Dr. Nisreen Al- Otaibi

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology/ Family Counselor

Dr. Nisreen Al Otaibi founded Irshad Center in 2005 in an attempt to better understand her society and help all members of her community to reach their utmost potentials. After earning her PhD in Counseling Psychology, Dr. Nisreen founded Irshad Center who’s main vision is to become a recognized institution in the MENA region that enhances personal growth and development.

Dina Wael Al Hussein

Head Of Learning Difficulties

Dina Al Hussein has been working at Irshad since 2007, as the Learning Support Department Coordinator. With a BA degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, she is recognized as dedicated, hard working, creative and an excellent leader. At Irshad, Dina corresponds with clients to determine a helping destination that will meet the needs of all beneficiaries. Backed up by several important trainings and workshops that have enhanced her knowledge and experience within the field, she adds value to her clients’ lives by providing assessments, lesson plans, progress reports and constant follow up sessions to make sure her clients are getting maximum benefits.



Rana Abu Khaled 

Project Officer

Rana Abu Khaled has been Irshad’s Project Officer since 2012. With past experiences in the field of Training and Development, Rana has continued to manage project development from its early stages of initiation until their closure, work with the sponsors of all projects to complete the complete project charter which outlines the scope, goals, resources, budgeting and timing. Rana has effectively tracked and reported on all project milestones, providing the team with reports that can be referred back to at all times.


Maza Tyseer Shafaquj 

Administrative Coordinator

Maza Tyseer Shafaquj has been the Center’s Administrative Coordinator since 2015. Maza is they key facilitator of communication between the staff and the clients, and handles Irshad’s schedules, agreements and coordinates all its main services.