We are developed pioneering training programs in the various fields combined with consultancy services aiming to further improve the quality of human resources and advance professional development. The Centers objectives are to upgrade the skills of workforce to enhance their proficiency at work which will add to certified academic credits by granting training programs with standard specifications from reputed universities which makes Irshad a center accredited by a number of local and foreign organizations and institutions in the Middle East region.  


  • Education Field

The Education field brings together a range of standardized instruments  of  assessment,  learning  services,  and  personal  growth services


  • Health Field

Irshad Center also recognizes that healthcare is a very important field that a person needs to develop their skills to be able to provide the clients with the best care.

  • Social Field 

Irshad center has a distinguished history in supporting the establishment of many Humanitarian NGOs and Educational institutes in empowering their staff with the skills and knowledge to qualify them to provide their clients with the right services.
Irshad center is known to customized courses that educate social workers on today’s practice topics and that are related to groups they are serving. 


  • Psychology Field  

The Psychology field is Improve the skills of workers to develop their services by understanding the societal and psychological needs of individuals, families and organizations through the use of mental health methodologies.

  • Human Resource Field 

HR field  support this role by educating employees and managers on the relevant procedures. Training objectives focus on what the organization needs to achieve and how to help employees attain company goals. Depending on the type of business and specific challenges the company faces, there are a wide range of possible HR training objectives. However, some are important in almost every organization.

  • Administrative and leadership field  

Management and leadership field are for those who have already started their careers. These programs aim to provide you with a rigorous and concurrent management education which will contribute to your development into an effective professional or manager. You will gain an understanding of how management
ideas have developed, how and why they’ve changed and current issues affecting organizations.


  • Soft Skills Field 

The soft skills field focuses on the personal skills that an individual has or should have, and how they need to build on it. These skills range from problem solving to team building, skills that an individual will acquire through time and training


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