After ten years of experience in the fields of social development, Irshad Center developed a unique diploma titled the Psychosocial Support Training Diploma, and accredited by the University of Jordan, which studies the social behavior of the individual and the community in order to build a better society that is based on the understanding of individual and group behavior and solving problems in a specific and scientific way.

The main aim of this diploma is to improve the skills of social workers to develop their service by understanding the societal and psychological needs of individuals, families and organizations by using mental health methodologies. This program specializes in the fact that it customizes requirements according to the categories that the social organization is targeting, taking into consideration the important role that the culture plays.

Another diploma that Irshad has created is the Educational Psychology Training Diploma, also accredited by the University of Jordan. The aims of this diploma are as follows:

  • To provide educators with the necessary knowledge in different fields to help them make the right educational decisions that take into account the needs of students of all ages.
  • To provide educators with the results of the scientific research that explains the systematic schooling that can be applied in most of the educational situations, both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • To provide educators with the ability to psychologically assess educational skills to identify the students suffering from learning difficulties and to identify ways of intervention and support.