Education Department


Irshad Center provides a complete range of services that cater to the needs of individuals and to families as a whole. Our services cover diversified areas in Education, Counseling, Speech and Occupational Therapy.

Our team of professionals includes personnel from various disciplines.  Psychiatrists, psychologists, educational specialists, counsellors, behavioral specialists, occupational therapists and speech therapists work in collaboration to endeavor to \your needs.


The Educational Department includes the following categories:


 Psycho Educational Assessment Section

     Learning Support Section

    Occupational Therapy Section

    Speech and Language Therapy Section


How Irshad Determine a Child’s Needs ? 

Before we take any step to help a child struggling in school, it is necessary to understand how that child learns. All children have areas of strengths and weaknesses and by understanding them; the school system can address the areas of weakness and build upon their child’s strength.

Irshad team works with high quality assessment methods to provide a picture of how the child performs over time in a variety of settings, with different people, and under different circumstances. Results give us information to plan for instructional and behavioral needs.

                   Counseling and Psychological Department


Irshad’s counselor’s goal is to orient the individual toward opportunities that can best guarantee fulfillment of his personal needs and aspirations. Irshad’s team are available to help the person to improve awareness and identity, to develop talents and potential, to enhance quality of life and to contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.


        Our professional counselor offers the following:

        Individual Counseling

       Marital and Couple Counseling

        Family Counseling

       Group Counseling

       Grief Recovery Counseling

        Divorce Counseling

       Career Counseling

                   Professional Training Department


Irshad works to develop and serve fledgling centers and institutions in the local and other Arab communities in the region by dispatching experts, consultants and trainers upon their request to provide quality technical studies aimed to develop the skills of their employees.


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Types of Clients We Serve




        Young adults


        College and graduate students