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Irshad Center is a registered private institution with 10 years of professional experience in providing professional, academic, personal, social and organizational consultancy. Irshad’s professional team provides services to individuals, organizations, and educational committees. 


Irshad Center has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide services in the fields that they are specialized in. The team is comprised of Educators, Psychologists, Educational Specialists, Counselors, Educational Consultants, Social workers and Behavioral Specialists. The Department of Training and Organizational Effectiveness is also comprised of a team of trainers that are specialized in various areas of professional development and organizational advancement. Irshad’s team members are experienced in providing the skills and the knowledge that are necessary for success. 


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Our Mission Expanded:

Our mission is to inspire, improve, and empower our client’s personal lives by helping them discover the uniqueness of their personalities and discover new ways to develop their potential to the fullest. Through the professional services that we offer, our clients will work towards a more satisfying and meaningful life that will reflect on their relationships, self-image and self-confidence. Once their full potential has been realized, our team of consultants and expert trainers will provide them with special training courses, catered to their needs, that will help their personal success transform into a successful career.